1963 Rayline Nine Hole Golf Course Game 1

1963 Rayline Nine Hole Golf Course Game


The most realistic golf game ever created!

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Manufacturer: Rayline

Year: 1963


  • Excellent
  • Lever on one blue/white golfer is missing
  • All golfers work great
  • Each golfer has a full complement of clubs: driver, wedge, 7 iron and putter
  • Each golfer has his own bag to hold the clubs
  • Each plastic golf bag is filled with original styrofoam balls
  • Comes with all three bridges, flag markers, four trees and the clubhouse
  • Both boards are in very good condition and fit together snugly
  • Includes instructions

Box Condition:

  • Good
  • Clean, bright color on all panels
  • No sun fading 
  • No taped corners
  • Strong and holds its shape

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 26 × 3 in


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