Our return policy is simple: all sales are final. This is not meant to sound harsh or rude, so please don’t read it that way. What we mean is this: we provide a thorough description of each toy and post large, full-color pictures. We strive to present our toys in their truest light so you are not left guessing about anything. Additionally, we will answer any question you need to ask.

That stated, we are not entirely inflexible. We will offer an exchange if the toy is not what you expected, or you bought it as a gift and the person already has one, etc. We do not pay for return shipping nor do we include your original shipping as part of the exchange value.

Finally, if we receive a toy back damaged, disassembled or incomplete, we will rescind the exchange offer. Also, and we add this only because it has happened in the past, if we have good reason to suspect the returned toy is not the same toy we shipped we will not offer an exchange.


We ship via USPS priority mail and parcel select (for larger packagers). We use solid, cardboard shipping boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap and peanuts when necessary. Jason will pack your purchase. This has been part of his job for more than 10 years. He knows what he’s doing and customers have described his packing as “bomb-proof.”

The customer is responsible for shipping fees and we charge only what it costs us to send the package, which does include packing time and material. Signature Delivery is included in the shipping charge.

Lastly, unfortunately our shopping cart will not automatically combine shipping on multiple items that you purchase at the same time. We will, however, refund any shipping overpayment back to you.


SIMPLE: On-line with VISA, MasterCard, Discover or PayPal. We will accept money orders but not personal checks. If you prefer to call us to give a credit card number over the phone, the number is 330.854.1700 for cell phones or 1-888-888-4468 for land lines.

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